Are You Frustrated With Your Investment Performance In 2020?

What is your strategy to survive the Corona Virus market volatility and crisis of confidence in Wall Street? Have you thought there must be a better way to invest than just stocks, bonds and mutual funds?

We believe there is a superior approach to wealth management than just Wall Street investments. Our approach may make your future more predictable and your investment portfolio less volatile.

America’s wealthiest families, endowments, and institutional investors have successfully embraced this model for years. Our clients appreciate the certainty, liquidity, growth, and cashflow that our portfolios provide.

About Approach Capital Partners

Meet Greg Stott and Approach Capital Partners. Successful investing requires creativity and a willingness to think outside the box of conventional assets. As a portfolio Manager for a large Wall Street Bank, Greg observed that Wall Street isn’t fair to the retail investor. It bothered him that the wealthiest client’s had access to strategies that were not available to the less affluent. America’s wealthiest investors have owned stocks and bonds but they have also diversified into real estate, private equity, and private debt. At Approach Capital Partners, we have been working for nearly twenty years to level the playing field and make these other investment strategies available to you.

Approach Capital’s investment strategies

It is no coincidence that the most successful investors have diversified away from retail investing.

Our Wealth Model focuses on building wealth using multiple types of strategies. We believe every investor should have a mix of the following assets:

  1. Growth Assets
  2. Income Producing Asset
  3. Legacy Assets

Our size, experience, and access to asset managers enables us to build customized portfolios that are unique to your investment philosophy.

Talk to Greg Stott and his team of portfolio managers

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